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All Aboard The Whole Grain Express! (DECAL-515)

All Aboard the Whole Grain Express! is a 1 hour online course with 14 activities. Participants will learn where whole grains come from, how to incorporate them into their menu’s, and best practices for the preparation methods. The CACFP Meal Service Training Grant (MSTG), United States Department of Agriculture, provides the funding for this online training course.

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Menu Building Basics: Utilizing CN Labels and USDA Recipes to Build a Cycle Menu (DECAL-522)

In this course, participants will learn to recognize the 6 key indicators for a CN Label is, what a product formulation statement is, and how to use them to build a cycle menu. In addition, participants will explore the vast resources of USDA Standardized recipes, and will learn how to scale these recipes and products to fit their production needs. Lastly, participants will understand the basics of record retention and what documentation would be needed to support food production records, if required by their state.

BTG-505 CACFP Meal Pattern Guide Course Cover Image

A CACFP Meal Pattern Guide (DECAL-505)

One of the hardest parts of planning a CACFP menu is understanding if a food is creditable or not and how much you need to serve. In this brief overview, participants will learn about tools to guide them to determine if a food is creditable to the CACFP meal pattern, and how much they need to serve to be in compliance.

BTG-580 Managing Diets for Children with Food Allergies in Child Nutrition Programs Course Cover Image

Managing Diets for Children with Food Allergies in Child Nutrition Programs (DECAL-580)

This training provides an overview of food allergies, an explanation of regulations for labeling food allergens, and a description of best practices for food allergy plans. Participants will practice finding common allergens on ingredient lists and identify practices that will keep children with food allergies from coming into contact with food that could trigger a reaction.

Family Engagement for the Win! (DECAL-558)

Is engaging the families in your community one of your organization’s goals? When organizations and families engage with one another, participants win big! Families can be strong allies and support your efforts to ensure participants have the happiest, healthiest place to learn, grow and flourish! Over the course of the next hour, we will outline strategies for engaging families in your program and maximizing your impact.