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Online Course Catalog

Presentation cover for course DECAL-504

Build It Once; Serve It Time and Time Again: Using Cycle Menus and Standardized Recipes (DECAL-504)

How important is menu planning to a meal program? The menu plan influences every aspect of the meal program – including purchasing and preparing foods, ensuring that your meals are CACFP creditable, providing adequate nutritional value, accounting for dietary restrictions, and satisfying the tastebuds of the children in your care. In this one hour session, participants will learn about standardized recipes, cycle menus and the benefits of using both of these great tools to maximize kitchen efficiency and food budgets.

Presentation cover for course DECAL-509

Embracing Culture and Expanding Your CACFP Menu (DECAL-509)

Embracing Culture and Expanding Your CACFP Menu (BTG-509) is a 1 hour online course designed to provide applicable meal service training for providers participating in the CACFP.

btg-515 screenshot

All Aboard The Whole Grain Express! (DECAL-515)

All Aboard the Whole Grain Express! is a 1 hour online course with 14 activities. Participants will learn where whole grains come from, how to incorporate them into their menu’s, and best practices for the preparation methods. The CACFP Meal Service Training Grant (MSTG), United States Department of Agriculture, provides the funding for this online training course.

Presentation cover for course DECAL-519

CACFP Snacks in a Jiffy! (DECAL-519)

Want to serve CACFP Snacks, but you are limited on preparation space? Want to learn what snacks you can serve in a pinch when you are short on staff? In this one hour session, participants will learn how to provide variety in a CACFP menu, while still striving for optimal nutrition with a snack meal that requires little to no preparation.

btg-522 screenshot

Menu Building Basics: Utilizing CN Labels and USDA Recipes to Build a Cycle Menu (DECAL-522)

In this course, participants will learn to recognize the 6 key indicators for a CN Label is, what a product formulation statement is, and how to use them to build a cycle menu. In addition, participants will explore the vast resources of USDA Standardized recipes, and will learn how to scale these recipes and products to fit their production needs. Lastly, participants will understand the basics of record retention and what documentation would be needed to support food production records, if required by their state.